The Firm

Our law firm was founded in 1954 by distinguished Lawyer Edgardo Dumas Rodriguez and has developed a broad and successful law practice ranging from the formation of corporations and their incorporation into the benefits of Free Zone Law; immigration procedures; a highly effective litigation practice in local and national trial and appellate Courts; provides robust corporate advisory including real estate, commercial and trade transactions, competition law, corporate governance, credit instruments, and banking issues; and practice in other areas such as government regulation (public contracts and bids, transportation and health issues). The firm also provides Notarial and translation services.

Our offices are located in the city of San Pedro Sula, industrial and commercial center of Honduras. It is known for providing direct, personalized and responsible treatment to its clients in order to provide maximum protection to their legal, judicial, financial or commercial interests.

Bufete Dumas Rodríguez represents national and foreign business entities and persons in a variety of commercial transactions including mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, project finance and banking transactions, corporate due diligence, negotiation and preparation of related documentation.

The firm also has experience in other fields of practice, such as communications law, in which the firm has represented several electronic media and press organizations. The firm has extensive litigation experience in all of the substantive legal areas likely to be encountered by clients operating in today’s business environment; civil and commercial rights, environmental law, labor conflicts and issues, government and private contracts, real estate, criminal, administrative and family matters. Due to this breadth of experience, the firm brings multifaceted perspectives to its clients´ litigation problems.

Bufete Dumas Rodríguez not only represents clients in all forms of litigation, but also counsels clients who want to reduce their litigation risks.